Transform your life in nine steps – recorded webinars

Life transformation has never been easier. Transform your life now by following simple steps that are taught in an absolutely comprehensible way in nine exciting recorded webinars.

According to recent studies life transformation is only at about 20% the result of instantaneous realizations. At about 80% is the result of implementation of tools and techniques in a systematic way. In the nine recorded seminars you will be taught tools and techniques that are based on studies of various scientific fields, such as neuroscience, positive psychology, coaching science, etc. These techniques will help you transform your life at all levels

The program “Transform your life in nine steps” is an invaluable gift, if you think of what it offers you: change towards greater wholeness in your life, an increase of your level of happiness and improvement of your physical and psychological well-being.

You can take now for free the first step for transforming your life, as the access to the first recorded webinar is free of charge. The total charge for accessing the remaining 8 recorded webinars is 124 Euro.

We follow the following procedure:

A) In each webinar you will need to implement some techniques and some exercises.

B) After you have implemented the techniques, you send per email to Panagiotis Ntouskas, who is in charge of the program, your answers according to what is required in each recorded webinar.

C) He will send you feedback and will give you access to the next webinar.

The access to the webinars is given gradually, after the successful implementation of the techniques of each webinar so that the trainee can focus on each step for as long as he or she feels that it is necessary and build the change gradually. The program must be completed within six months after its beginning.

For payment instructions please contact us by email .

You can access the recorded webinars by clicking here.