The EVOLVE2WIN coaching model


The EVOLVE2WIN is a coaching model that has been developed by Panagiotis Ntouskas. The model aims at assisting personal and professional transformation. It is a model orientated towards effectively implementing change in personal and professional life. The model is designed to support leaders, executives and other individuals in the process of evolution towards business excellence, sustainable leadership and personal growth.

 There are six steps in the EVOLVE part of the model:







Coaching using the EVOLVE2WIN model is a round trip. As you complete a circle your aim is to WIN. WIN is an ongoing process and relevant to all steps of EVOLVE. You complete an EVOLVE circle and then you start a new one. In the new one, you will WIN again but on a higher level.  WIN means

Be Wide awake. Continuously raise your awareness as you evolve

Be Inspired and motivated to move on and evoke change

Naturally flow. Focus on the journey instead of the destination. Experience balance within yourself. Be present in the moment.


This step is an explorative phase for both the client and the coach. The coach helps the clients understand what is coaching and what possible benefits they can expect.  In this step the coaching environment is created and the agreement is set. The coach and the client explore together possible coaching agendas, priorities and goals.


In this step is clarified what values the client most. Values, life purpose, professional desires, dreams, etc are to be thoroughly examined during this step.  Strengths are also to be assessed. The aim is to ensure an alignment between what the client values most, what the client needs and what is going to be pursued in the following steps.


This step is about planning. Action and self development plans are particularized. Structures that can support the client are also discussed and set. The accountability approach must be also decided during this step.


This step is about doing. The clients take the actions that committed themselves to take. This step is not just about doing. It is also about being. The client is fully aware of the change that is pursued, is fully present in the change process and actively experiences the change.


In the ISO 9001:2000 standard validation is defined as “confirmation through the provision of objective evidence that specified requirements have been fulfilled”.  In this step, which is very important for the learning process, results of the actions taken are discussed in relation to expectations and the goals that were initially agreed upon.  Possible corrective actions are decided.


This is the time for reflection after the completion of the project or the completion of important milestones. This is the time to acknowledge what has been accomplished and celebrate success or learn from mistakes. This is the time to reflect on the question “did I WIN?”

EVOLVE 2 be Wide awake

In WIN, W stands for Wide awake. The coach supports the clients to raise their awareness in relation to actions that need to be taken, actions taken and the lessons learned. The “where I am now” and the “where I want to be” need to be discussed anew.

EVOLVE 2 be Inspired

In WIN, I stands for Inspire. This is about the client’s motivation to move forward and complete the EVOLVE round trip and take another one if it has been completed. Reasons behind a potential lack of motivation are to be addressed.

EVOLVE 2 Naturally flow

In WIN, N stands for Naturally flow. This refers to personal and professional balance. It is important to examine in the process of EVOLVE the natural flow of things. If the process of change does not flow naturally and the clients are not in balance with themselves then possible reasons must be examined. Helping clients to focus on the journey instead of the destination and the implementation of other power tools can support clients in shifting perspectives and getting rid of blockages that hinder their balance and their natural flow in the change process.


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